The world is engaged in an energy revolution to cope with climate change and the end of fossile fuels. Renewable energies deployment, energy storage research, and energy efficiency improvements are reshaping the way energy is produced, distributed and consumed. Business models, investments and asset management will evolve accordingly. Paving the way to this revolution will require to overcome major challenges.
Eco-Adapt’s solutions bring smart hardware and data analytics tools to analyze and optimize energy consumption as well as a predictive maintenance solution to help them maintain their fleet of machines, often responsible for a significant part of their energy consumption.


Eco-Adapt started its operations in Paris, France, in 2012. Founded by Laurent Laparra, the team quickly grew to ~20 highly skilled professionals.

Laurent Laparra


Graduate from SUPELEC engineering school in France, Laurent started his career in operational consulting at Greenwich-E&Y before joining Bain & Co where he was appointed Manager. In 2011 he obtained an MBA from INSEAD before starting Eco-Adapt in 2012.
Favorite quote : « Think Bigger »

Marc Sabatier


Graduate from Telecom ParisTech engineering school, Marc held various positions in the fields of engineering and program management for Telecom operators, such as Director of Technology for DartyBox. Marc has then moved to product and software developement management notably as R&D Director for TV systems at Hoist Group.
Favorite quote: "You have to make every single detail perfect, and you have to limit the number of details"

Claude Fayel

Sales Manager

Graduate from an Electrical Engineering degree, and from Sales and Marketing University of Toulouse, Claude acquired more than 25 years of experience in the launch and development of technical measurement solutions, including electrical energy and electrical quality monitoring.
Favorite quote : “They didn't know it was impossible so they did it"


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