The Power-Adapt Line

A comprehensive range of products that covers all your energy and process monitoring needs

Power-Adapt answers a constant request from our clients : make monitoring easy to deploy and to use.

We combine leading edge technologies to bring game changing innovations

  • Multi cirtcuit energy meter: 6 three-phase circuits meters and a data gateway all in 1 product. Saves space, simplifies installation, reduces cost
  • All fluids and parameters monitoring : existing meters for gaz, fuel, water can be connected, as well as temperature or analog values (0-10V ; 4.20mA)
  • Wired or wireless data transmission : your choice. Wired transmissions through Modbus TCP reference protocole and wireless through LoRa protocole
  • Multiple data access modes : embedded local web server, export to CSV files or remote cloud platform, modbus TCP server


Industrial grade submetering made easy

Revolutionary multi circuit meter to facilitate sub-metering

The Power-Elec-6 product brings massive innovation to power metering hardware

  • 6 three-phase or 18 single-phase circuits simulteanously monitored. Combinations of 3-phase and single circuits are possible.
  • Up to 6 000A or 63kV measurements with adequate Current and Potential transformers.
  • 1% or 0,5% accuracy
  • Embedded datalogger : 10 year history at 10mn sampling rate
  • Data access : Wireless M-Bus or Modbus TCP (optional)


Extend your monitoring to any fluid or measurement

The Power-transmitter products let you capture in near real-time all sorts of physical parameters from your site

  • Pulse counting from gas, water, fuel, heat, cold or existing power meters
  • Ambiant temperature
  • Analog 0-10V or 4..20mA outputs : flow or production rates, machine speed, pressure, distance, light, …
  • Data transmission frequency : 1mn to 24hr
  • Quick 30mn installation
  • Battery-operated (6 year lifetime)
  • ATEX compliant upon requirement

Typical applications include:

  • Consumption real time monitoring
  • Leakage detection or abnormal use of equipment
  • Energy throughput of boiler, chiller or other production machine

Power Gateway

Data concentrator and analyser

Secure your measurement data

The Power gateway collects all the data from your network of sensors. More than this, it implements several mechanisms to ensure maximum reliability

  • Collected data is automatically stored, with a history depth of 10 years
  • The link between the gateway and the sensors is monitored and triggers an alarm if sensors data are no longer received

Processes and handles properly your energy data

Energy data usually come in multiple forms (energy index, instant power, daily energy, …) as well as in different units (kWh, gas m3, fuel liters, etc). The Power Gateway simplifies your life by handling all the data processing job automatically for you.

Easy to deploy and configure
Just connect to the Power Gateway from your smartphone, a laptop or a tablet and navigate through intuitive web based screens to set-up your monitoring plan

Open and flexible access to data and analysis
Energy data will be used in a variety of contexts by a variety of users. So we made our Power-Gateway meet all of your needs in terms of data access :

  • Embedded feature rich web server : visualization of energy data through intuitive charts (daily history, load curve zoom, energy savings measurement)
  • Alert system that triggers email upon threshold crossing
  • Data export through CSV files (compliant with Excel). Possibility to automatically schedule exports to a FTP server to link the Power-Gateway with a cloud platform
  • Modbus TCP access


Secured access to raw data and data insights

Access your data from anywhere

The Cloud plateform can be accessed from any location with a simple mobile, tablet or laptop device connected to Internet.

Manage multi-sites origanizations

The cloud platform can gather data from multiple sites and provide a centralized access..

Custom analytics and dashboard

The cloud platform can connect to multiple IT systems of your organization and pull together additional data. You can mix energy data with production, number of operating hours or traffic to better assess your energy efficiency and the savings you achieved. KPI such as kWh/ton, kWh/open hours or kWh/client may be more meaningfull than absolute values. Weather data is also integrated to assess heating or cooling degree days.

Then you can build the right instant visualization dashboard : select the charts and jauges, set color threshold, organize your dashboard layout and there you go. Dashboards can also be exported to PDF and circulated by email


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