All meters with a pulse output can be monitored through the Power-Pulse transmitter. Upon special request other protocols such as M-Bus and Modbus can be connected to the Power-Gateway.

Power-Elec-6 works natively on the 0-600V range. With potential transformers, Power-Elec-6 can manage up to 63kV devices.

Virtually any measurement can be monitored as long as it a meter or sensor is available with one of the following outputs : pulse, 0-10v, 4..20mA. Most common fluids such as electricity, gas, fuel, heat, cold, water, temperature are easily measure. Other measures such as tank level, pressure or flowrate can also be measured.

Power-Elec-6 measures distinctly import and export (or injected and consumed) energy. If you have motors or other devices that send energy to the grid, you can distinguish gross and net energy consumption.

The standard version of the Power-Elec-6 measures electrical energy with a precision of 1% over 10-120% of the current transformer range. A 0.5% accuracy is available as an option. The accuracy of other measurements depends on the accuracy and the resolution of the meter. Contact us for more information.

We offer 2 alternatives for the wireless transmission, depending on the requirements of the project. For small and mid-size facilities, Wireless M-Bus transmission protocole offers a 50-100m + 3-4 walls range indoor and a 300m outdoor range from our effective project-based testing, whereas the theoretical range is 2km. The transmission can benefit from range extenders. The other protocol we provide is LoRa which benefits from a much longer range : up to 250m indoor or up to 1km outdoor. LoRa will suit particularly well large industrial sites or large commercial buildings.

Our wireless transmissions operate in the 868MHz with very specific channels which strongly limits the risk of interference with other systems operating in the same band.


Power-Elec-6 must be installed by a properly qualifier professional electrician. Other devices can generally be installed by a multi-skill technician.

Interoperability is a key strength of the Power-Adapt line of products. Typically, all points and measurements that are deployed with Power-Adapt and centralized through the Power-Gateway can be shared with other devices through the Modbus TCP protocole. Power-Elec-6 can also be integrated in existing systems as it also communicates in Modbus TCP.


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Power-Adapt products come with a 2 year warranty.


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