Renault Slovenia

Renault’s car manufacturer energy bills are split in several key usages. Managing energy for paint workshops is particularly complex since it involves many equipments with diverse energy sources : compressed air, heat for drying, air filtering trough fans to ensure dust free atmosphere. All of those being interependant and depending on the number of vehicles processed.


  • Measure and compare energy in different forms and units
  • Deploy measurement hardware without interrupting production or shutting down equipment
  • Heavy IT security requirements

Eco-Adapt’s solution key points :

  • Multi fluid solution : integrated settings to convert gaz m3 and other energy units in a common kWh unit
  • Non intrusive : deployement of hardware while in production
  • Local server : no data is sent out on the internet or stored in the cloud

Montreuil’s Hospital

Montreuil’s hopsital maintenance manager has been assigned energy savings targets by its general management. Multiple energy usages coexist : building related (lighing, hvac), medical process related (scanners, surgery rooms, ..) and residence related (kitchen, cleaning, ..).


  • Keep simple and clear kpi across a complex environment
  • Fit in a much constrained budget
  • Existing metering systems from multiple vendors

Eco-Adapt’s solution key points :

  • User friendly interface, easily accessible to any maintenance team member
  • Scalable buisness model : no big entry cost for small metering plans while possibilité to scale up according to needs
  • Flexibility of the solution able to re-use part of the existing installation (even old analog electric meters)

Student residence in Nancy

Nancy student residence is going through a major building upheaval. Management wants to take advantage of this opportunity to implement an energy saving program and to comply with building energy regulation (RT 2012).


  • 200 rooms that need inidividual monitoring requiring special attention to keep proper track of correspondance between each circuit and each room
  • Deployment constraints : minimal available room in electric switchboards and limited deployment time

Eco-Adapt’s solution

  • Power-Elec-6 allows to monitor 18 single-phase circuits from one single device : immense gain of space and installation time
  • Super intuitive provisionning interface allowing proper naming and organization of circuits


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